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Chalk it up to the fact that I've been dreaming rose gold accessories of late, while bemoaning the fact that I'm still a ghostly shade of paper white after the hideous winter that I endured here in NYC, but I've got a new obsession.

Coordinates Collection is a jewelry line that combines my love of travel with my new-found rose gold obsession, but don't worry - they offer silver, gold, gun metal, and antiqued finishes for those of you who aren't quite as rose-crazy as I am at the moment. The line features the longitude and latitude coordinates (hence the name) of any location in the world which are engraved on your choice of a ring, bracelet, or necklace. The pieces are completely custom, lower range options include your choice of plated metal pieces with the coordinates imprinted and an engraving on the inside of the piece, while higher end custom options let you pick between sterling silver or 14k gold and the ability to include semi precious stones. 

The possibilities seem endless. Memories of travel and experiences are instantly able to be encapsulated in a beautiful piece. Create one for each place you've lived in, for the city that captured your heart while traveling the globe, as a graduation present for your new grad to remember their school days forever, or to remember the place you first met your SO. The hardest decision might be deciding which locations you won't be engraving on your piece.

Coordinates Collection  

All photos from Coordinates Collection website. 

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