The Lust List | Put A Cork On It

by Gloria Cavallaro in , , ,

My love affair with cork began when I spotted a beautiful cork envelope clutch at J. Crew last spring.  Referred to in my private circle as "the one that got away," I will forever have sweet memories of that summer evening bag. How it perched itself so effortlessly on the J. Crew display shelf, its flecks of gold shimmering metallic under the fluorescent lights, seducing me with its simple design and refreshing material yet pushing me away with its price tag.  

This summer, however, I will act upon my instinct and lock down that love.  In fact, I already have.  Therefore, this week, my Lust List is all about cork.  Cork bags, cork flats, cork belts, cork cuffs, and more; I can't get enough of the stuff.  So while my bark-based belongings will probably be limited to those sneakers for bit (baby girl's got bills), check out the items that got the BLVD stamp of approval and you too will be having cork daydreams.

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