The Lust List | Summer Bras for the #IBTC

by Gloria Cavallaro in , , ,

Come summertime, there are two things you will not see me wearing – a wool turtleneck and, unless I absolutely have to, a bra.  

Why?  Because it is blazing Hip Hop and R&B outside and when I enter a bathroom for my thrice-daily mini-shower (paper towel meet cold water, cold water meet ENTIRE BODY), the feeling of that thick band clinging to my skin is not delicious.  Luckily, baby girl is not super well-endowed and I can get away with it. 

Alas, sometimes bras are necessary and I have to sport one of those binding, man-made contraptions.   When this happens, I opt for thin, barely there bras – no padding, no inserts, sometimes no wire.  Hey, every now and then pushing up the girls to a lovely chin-rest position can be a fun experiment but, more often than not, rolling with how your body naturally looks is a whole lot easier than adding uncomfortable devices to change it.   Thus, if you're a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Club (#IBTC) like me or you are just looking for light, summertime undergarment options, then this Lust List is for you.  It's all little pretty things that will keep you decent when support/coverage is necessary and keep you gorgeous when coverage isn't (*tehehe*).  Also, lingerie is not typically the most affordable thing in the world so I made sure all of these pieces are budget-friendly (two are even on sale and total steals).   Enjoy!

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