Monday Moodboosters | Bleachers and Boxes

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Booo, it's Monday.  But we wouldn't let a little ole thing like a day of the week get us down so this week's moodboosters feature an 80s rom-com-worthy album (top down, cruising to the beach with your sweetheart), and artistic flourishes to personalize your space (endless scrolling and pinning awaits).   Mhhmmmm is all we can say. 

Gloria's Picks

Numero Uno:

This week, I’m hooked on Bleachers’ debut album.  The band, a side project of Fun’s Jack Antonoff (also know as one-half of the cutest NYC couple being Lena Dunham’s boyfriend and designer Rachel Antonoff’s brother.  His life is just dripping in creativity) was a secret up until the release its first single earlier this year.  Last week the full album dropped and I’ve been listening non-stop.  The album has an 80s feel with atmospheric touches for a full soundscape of danceable beats (Like a River Runs, Rollercoaster, You’re Still A Mystery) and cinematic moments (Take Me Away, feat. Grimes, Wake Me, Who I Want You to Love).  In general, the album makes me feel like this:

Check out the album on Stopify and let us know what you think.  And look out for an appearance by Yoko Ono (yeah, she’s on here).

Numba Two:

As a creative, I love finding out ways I can help support artists.  Enter, DENY Designs.  This Denver based home furnishings companies partners with artists to create statement pieces that add color to the everyday space.  Artists create the images and you can purchase items with their artwork on a variety of pieces, from coasters to throw pillows, duvet covers to jewelry boxes, and more.  Find an artist who gets you?  You can check out their collection to see all the other pieces you can decorate your home with.  I’m enjoying perusing their jewelry boxes made of eco-friendly amber bamboo and loving the designs of artist Catherine Mcdonald, muted photographs that I could definitely see adorning my space.

Catherine Mcdonald California Pacific Coast Highway Storage Box, $29 - $59

Catherine Mcdonald California Pacific Coast Highway Storage Box, $29 - $59

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