Monday Moodboosters | Picasso Baby

by Lauren Durden in

Everyday we need a little pick-me-up but especially so on Mondays. Here are our favorite tips, bits, and clicks to boost yo' Monday. 

Celebrate the Fourth of July a little too much? We know shooting off those fireworks, all day grilling, and lounging in the sun can really take it out of you. Sometimes we all just need a little vacation from our vacation. Refuel with our Monday Moodboosters. Hopefully they get you through Monday and straight through to the end of this full work week. 

Lauren's Picks:

After a long weekend heading back the the grind is always difficult. While your stack of unanswered emails may be long, a quick glance through FlyArt and should get you through til 5 PM. (Not that we're encouraging procrastination...or are we?) If you read our Monday Moodboosters last time, you know we love a good piece o' art. Inspired by other Tumblrs like Carter Family Portraits, FlyArt combines two of our great loves - hip hop music and visual art. The blog superimposes lyrics from your favorite songs over corresponding fine art paintings you can view in galleries and museums around the world. It's a lighthearted sight for art history nerds and music lovers alike. 

The second click for this Monday's #MMs is related to the first -'s t-shirt and sweatshirts with FlyArt creations screened onto the front of them. Can we please discuss how hilariously awesome this Mona Lisa/Nicki Minaj shirt is? Not to mention that a ton of stuff, including the FlyArt shirts and sweatshirts, are on sale right now. It's going to take some serious self control not to buy every single one of them.

So go forth, peruse Tumblr, find some comfy tees for the weekend, and survive your Monday. 

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