Monday Moodboosters | So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

by Lauren Durden

We're helping you get through that terrible thing called Monday with some of our favorite clicks, tips, and snippets. 

We live in a day and age where if there isn't already an app for that, there should be. Ever since I was little I've been pining for the day when there would be a robot to clean my room for me, and though we're a little close to that now then we were in 1997 (Thanks, Roomba) we've got a long way to go.

Enter: two apps that are about to make your life a heck of a lot easier. Read ahead for this Monday's supa fresh tips and clicks

  • Cleanly & Washio - If you're like me, you didn't realize the serious luxury that was a washer and dryer in your living space until you moved to the city and had to schlep everything down multiple flights of stairs, across the street, into an un-air conditioned laundromat to insert COUNTLESS quarters into machines that you hoped would get your clothes clean and dry. If you're like me you also still haven't managed to figure out which dryer at the laundromat will actually dry your towels and/or jeans in one go - meaning you end up having to insert even MORE quarters and wait while they decide whether or not they're going to dry or if you're going to have to settle with slightly damp towels after your next shower. These two apps take care of that. Hand off your laundry (without even dragging it to a wash-n-fold!) and have it delivered to your door, freshly laundered. Works for dry cleaning too! Cleanly is in NYC, while Washio is elsewhere - both are expanding quickly!
  • Chroma - Do you have messy roommates? Are YOU a messy roommate? This app helps you organize chores and assign them to specific roommates, kids or whoever might be renting that back room on AirBnB from you this week. Upgrade to the pro version of Chroma and you can create rewards for groups or individuals who need a little more incentive to wash those dishes (I mean, don't we all??). 

         Go forth and be clean. 

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