Monday Moodboosters | Constellations and Collaborations

by Gloria Cavallaro

It's just another manic Monday, but let us help you out a little bit with some #MondayMoodbooster magic.

Gloria's Pick:

If you're lucky enough to live in an area that allows you to see the stars at night, or if you spend the weekends somewhere that does, have I got the app for you.  In an impromptu meteor shower viewing, my friend downloaded Star Chart to my phone.  The app shows you what stars, constellations, satellites, or planets you're looking at, adding a smart dose of knowledge to your summer evenings just by turning your phone to the sky.  It's one of the few apps I don't mind getting push notifications from as it sends cool reminders about astronomical events (literally).  It is a great learning tool and the visuals are beautiful.  Unbelievably, Star Chart is free but even if there was a fee, this app is worth it.

Photo via iTunes

Photo via iTunes

Lauren's Pick:

If Jello conjures up flashbacks to lunchboxes in 3rd grade or the crude Jello shots of your college days, you need to check out Bompas and Parr's Projects. They've combined food, art, and culture in a whole new way and their projects are proof. From jelly-fied version of famous landmarks to their newest installation at the Museum of Sex in New York that's part funhouse, part lesson in erotica, they bring a whimsical twist to their collaborations, installations, and projects.

They work with big name global brands like Cornetto & Selfridges to make glow in the dark and cake putt putt golf courses. They've dyed whole rivers lime green. They've created fruity mist that envelopes you so you can taste the air as you walk through it. The list of bizarre and amazing goes on and on. As you can imagine, their website is a wonderland of all their past and present projects. If you're in need of a little inspiration this Monday afternoon, this is certainly click-worthy. 

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