DIY | Holographic Tee

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In the words of Santigold, "Me, I'm a creator, thrill is to make it up..."

So, when I found myself checking out shirts online with cool, holographic stripes, all ranging from $100 to almost $700 (!!) I thought, heck, I'll just make it myself AND I'll make it better because I know exactly what I want.

The Rundown

- I wanted a boxy, cropped, white tee, which I found at Madewell for $35.
- The inspiration behind my design were graphic equalizers (you know, those bars that go up and down when music plays).

- Lauren wanted an "I <3 New York" shirt, which she picked up in Manhattan for $12.
- She was inspired to make an updated version of the classic shirt that would feel nostalgic but a little fashion-forward.

- Two sheets of holographic iron-on was pilfered from Happy Crafters for $7.50.

In all, the project cost us:

(including the price of the iron-on, which we have a lot more left of in each of our sheets to use for other projects)

- Gloria's Shirt: $38.75
- Lauren's Shirt: $15.75
- One fun Sunday afternoon

Worth the time, totally worth saving the money, and already we're brainstorming other things we can holograph (totes? pouches? shoes?).

Check out our DIY below for how to make your own holographic tee.

...and don't forget to watch in HD :)

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