Quick and Easy: Better Breakfast Hacks

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I am decidedly not a morning person. Hence why this post about breakfast hacks is going up in the afternoon... 

Breakfast is one of those meals that I usually fit in if I've thought about it ahead of time. Sure, it's touted as the 'most important meal of the day,' but most mornings I'm frantically trying to find an outfit I like and a pair of shoes that won't kill me on the walk to the subway. In the midst of that mayhem, breakfast usually gets a lost in the shuffle. My best bet for eating a healthy, filling breakfast is make it ahead of time and make it portable. That way, I can eat it on the walk to the train or, more likely, take it with me to wherever I'll be working that day. As a freelancer, I'm often working from shared workspaces and cafes. I've found that eating breakfast and lunch out of my home office can really rack up the charges, and honestly I don't think I should have to pay $10 for a chia seed bowl. So, I've figured out some hacks for those of us who'd rather hit the snooze button and like something a little more flavorful and on-the-go in the AM. 


Oatmeal I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I'm going to tell you to make overnight oats the night before you have work or that big meeting, but I'm not. Mostly because after experimenting with overnight oats on many-a-morning I've found that, even without having to cook anything, they can still be a be too involved for me. The night before an early morning I'm usually finishing up a proposal, sending out a million pitches or queueing up posts for the next day. Modern Oats is my sweet answer to early morning breakfast woes. The little cups of oats and superfood ingredients do all of the prep work for me and are super portable - perfect for eating while running to catch the subway train in the morning. All you have to do is boil water (PRAISE kettles for making this a super quick step), pour the hot water over the oats and additional non-GMO goodies, then wait three minutes. Served hot, my favorites are the Goji Blueberry and Mango Blackberry. If I'm feeling a little more awake, I'll open a cup of the Cherry and Chocolate oats, throw it over a cup of Greek yogurt and head out the door. On weekends, when I get to sleep in a bit, I'll even tackle some of their more involved recipes.

$$$ Breakdown: Best part, at $3.50 a pop they're cheap and healthy.

Boiled Eggs  Hear me out! These guys are super versatile and the one of the easiest breakfasts to make. I'm not talking about your over cooked, grey-yolk boiled eggs, either. I love a great, six minute egg. The whites are completely set and the yolk is mostly cooked and only a little runny. I'll make a big batch early on in the week, peel them right away and pop them in the fridge to take a few with me each morning. As someone who can wake up craving salty foods, my favorite way to eat them is with a splash of sweet or mushroom soy, cilantro and crispy shallots, a play on the Thai-style fried eggs my mom used to make for breakfast.

$$$ Breakdown: Eggs are as cheap as they come, and herbs aren't pricey either. This is a protein packed breakfast for seriously small change. 


Green Smoothie Pops I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love my green smoothies. But when it's a sweltering 95 degrees by 8:30 AM, I need a green smoothie that won't be lukewarm by the time I'm one block away from my apartment. Green smoothie popsicles can be made the weekend before a busy week and kept frozen in my freezer pretty much forever. And they're the epitome of grab and go. Get the full recipe for my green smoothie pops here.

$$$ Breakdown: About $1.00 a pop. 

Now go forth, and breakfast - but still get your beauty sleep. 

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