The Blvd

At The Blvd we're all about the idea of 'Live There Now.'

We noticed that sometimes we'd catch ourselves or those we know putting off travels, food experiences, or stylish choices we were lusting after until we'd "made it" or "got there" - to that seemingly unattainable level of the perfect life. We'd make goals for a future we wished we had now. We'd get inspiration from style bloggers and culinary publications, but we couldn't splurge on the $3,000 handbag or $600 Michelin star dinners they were writing about. 

We decided that we wanted to change that mindset and create a space where other people could find ideas on living well through living creatively. We believe that with a little creative thinking you can have those experiences now.

We're all about amazing experiences, re-purposing, discovering, and creating to curate a well lived life right now. We're all about living there now. 

Lauren Durden, Co-Founder  

Food and Lifestyle Editor

Lauren Durden is a "new" New Yorker, having moved to the city only 2 years ago to work in the media industry in Manhattan. She spends her 9-to-5's working on events and communications and her after hours and time in between cooking, snacking, and searching for her next great meal. She's a global traveler with an appetite for more - more experiences, more flavors - all while keeping a tight budget... most of the time. She was a Parisian who had a pied-a-terre in NYC in a past life, and will try any food at least twice (though this has backfired more than once). She's our main editor of all things food & drink and lifestyle.


Gloria Cavallaro, Co-Founder

Style and Beauty Editor


Gloria Cavallaro is, according to her Instagram bio, an entrepreneur, writer, stylist, and creative, which pretty much sums her up.  After working at a digital magazine, she decided to combine her editorial skills and penchant for beauty and fashion into a blog that approached those subjects in the way she does; less consumption, more creativity.  She lives by the motto, "If you can teach me, I can do it," and the best style advice she's ever received was, of course, from her mother: "Don't look like a Christmas tree."  But, we all must learn the rules in order to break them, and now whenever she's as brightly dressed as a holiday decoration it is purely intentional.