{DIY} Budget Friendly Holographic Tee

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In the words of Santigold, "Me, I'm a creator, thrill is to make it up..."

So, when I found myself checking out shirts online with cool, holographic stripes, all ranging from $100 to almost $700 (!!) I thought, heck, I'll just make it myself AND I'll make it better because I know exactly what I want.

The Rundown

- I wanted a boxy, cropped, white tee, which I found at Madewell for $35.
- The inspiration behind my design were graphic equalizers (you know, those bars that go up and down when music plays).

- Lauren wanted an "I <3 New York" shirt, which she picked up in Manhattan for $12.
- She was inspired to make an updated version of the classic shirt that would feel nostalgic but a little fashion-forward.

- Two sheets of holographic iron-on was pilfered from Happy Crafters for $7.50.

In all, the project cost us:

(including the price of the iron-on, which we have a lot more left of in each of our sheets to use for other projects)

- Gloria's Shirt: $38.75
- Lauren's Shirt: $15.75
- One fun Sunday afternoon

Worth the time, totally worth saving the money, and already we're brainstorming other things we can holograph (totes? pouches? shoes?).

Check out our DIY below for how to make your own holographic tee.

...and don't forget to watch in HD :)

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DJ, Play That Song {the BLVD Playlist}

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I made a realization a few years ago that if music is on, I'm moving.  Can't control it, doesn't matter where I am - if the beat is good, I'm moving along to it.  This playlist is in-keeping with that theme - some serious beats to work to and some awesome artists with new releases to check out.

So press play, DJ, and start moving to these (mostly) new jams.  I'll be over here groovin' with ya.

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Monday Moodboosters {So Fresh and So Clean, Clean}

by Lauren Durden

We're helping you get through that terrible thing called Monday with some of our favorite clicks, tips, and snippets. 

We live in a day and age where if there isn't already an app for that, there should be. Ever since I was little I've been pining for the day when there would be a robot to clean my room for me, and though we're a little close to that now then we were in 1997 (Thanks, Roomba) we've got a long way to go.

Enter, two apps that are about to make your life a heck of a lot easier. Read ahead for this Monday's supa fresh tips and clicks.

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The Lust List {Treat Yo' Self... Or Someone Else}

by Gloria Cavallaro

Here at The BLVD, we are EXCELLENT gift givers (especially to ourselves).  But when the time comes to give to someone else.... you know it's obviously a competition.  Win the present giving war with this week's Lust List of too-cool accessories.  These items say "I thought about this," and "Clearly, I'm really cool to have picked this out for you. Be thankful, not only for the gift, but because I'm friends with you."  This is selflessness at its best.

Clockwise from top left: headphones: Frends, Layla, universal charger: Triple C, Green Juice Dual Power Bank, leather pouches: Etienne Aigner, Eva small pouch, iPhone speaker: ban.do, Giant Gem Speaker

Clockwise from top left: headphones: Frends, Layla, universal charger: Triple C, Green Juice Dual Power Bank, leather pouches: Etienne Aigner, Eva small pouch, iPhone speaker: ban.do, Giant Gem Speaker

The List

1.  Top of the list are these Frends headphones in Oil Slick.  They are so pretty, I just want to walk around Manhattan with these colorful domes on my ears.  They don't even have to playing music.
2.  Next is the Triple C dual power bank; an external battery that can charge two devices at once, including tablets, mobile devices, iPods, speakers and more.  The simple design and handcrafted wood exterior is so modern and, dare I say, debonair?  

3.  Then we have these iridescent leather pouches from Etienne Aigner.  For the gal on the go, pouches are a life saver: they easily organize all your things so when you're switching between bags (work bag to gym bag to evening bag to weekend backpack) you know you always have what you need and aren't frantically digging through all the loose items at the bottom of your Mary Poppins-esque satchel searching for your business card holder, roll-on fragrance, or bottle of Advil.  Believe me.  Pouches.

4.  Lastly, we have a gem of a gift (har har har).  This ban.do portable speaker plugs into the headphone jack of your phone, iPod, or laptop for a Beyonce break wherever you are.  The speaker can play continuously for up to 12 hrs so the party never has to end (or can at least last the whole night).  And, does it even need to be said, the bright pink diamond design screams "first apartment housewarming gift."  That and a bottle of wine. 

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Monday Moodboosters {Constellations and Collaborations}

by Gloria Cavallaro

It's just another manic Monday, but let us help you out a little bit with some #MondayMoodbooster magic.

Gloria's Pick:

If you're lucky enough to live in an area that allows you to see the stars at night, or if you spend the weekends somewhere that does, have I got the app for you.  In an impromptu meteor shower viewing, my friend downloaded Star Chart to my phone.  The app shows you what stars, constellations, satellites, or planets you're looking at, adding a smart dose of knowledge to your summer evenings just by turning your phone to the sky.  It's one of the few apps I don't mind getting push notifications from as it sends cool reminders about astronomical events (literally).  It is a great learning tool and the visuals are beautiful.  Unbelievably, Star Chart is free but even if there was a fee, this app is worth it.

Photo via iTunes

Photo via iTunes

Lauren's Pick:

If Jello conjures up flashbacks to lunchboxes in 3rd grade or the crude Jello shots of your college days, you need to check out Bompas and Parr's Projects. They've combined food, art, and culture in a whole new way and their projects are proof. From jelly-fied version of famous landmarks to their newest installation at the Museum of Sex in New York that's part funhouse, part lesson in erotica, they bring a whimsical twist to their collaborations, installations, and projects.

They work with big name global brands like Cornetto & Selfridges to make glow in the dark and cake putt putt golf courses. They've dyed whole rivers lime green. They've created fruity mist that envelopes you so you can taste the air as you walk through it. The list of bizarre and amazing goes on and on. As you can imagine, their website is a wonderland of all their past and present projects. If you're in need of a little inspiration this Monday afternoon, this is certainly click-worthy. 

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Monday Moodboosters {Bleachers and Boxes}

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Booo, it's Monday.  But we wouldn't let a little ole thing like a day of the week get us down so this week's moodboosters feature an 80s rom-com-worthy album (top down, cruising to the beach with your sweetheart), and artistic flourishes to personalize your space (endless scrolling and pinning awaits).   Mhhmmmm is all we can say. 

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The Lust List {Summer Bras for the #IBTC}

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Come summertime, there are two things you will not see me wearing – a wool turtleneck and, unless I absolutely have to, a bra.  

Why?  Because it is blazing Hip Hop and R&B outside and when I enter a bathroom for my thrice-daily mini-shower (paper towel meet cold water, cold water meet ENTIRE BODY), the feeling of that thick band clinging to my skin is not delicious.  Luckily, baby girl is not super well-endowed and I can get away with it. 

Alas, sometimes bras are necessary and I have to sport one of those binding, man-made contraptions.   When this happens, I opt for thin, barely there bras – no padding, no inserts, sometimes no wire.  Hey, every now and then pushing up the girls to a lovely chin-rest position can be a fun experiment but, more often than not, rolling with how your body naturally looks is a whole lot easier than adding uncomfortable devices to change it.   Thus, if you're a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Club (#IBTC) like me or you are just looking for light, summertime undergarment options, then this Lust List is for you.  It's all little pretty things that will keep you decent when support/coverage is necessary and keep you gorgeous when coverage isn't (*tehehe*).  Also, lingerie is not typically the most affordable thing in the world so I made sure all of these pieces are budget-friendly (two are even on sale and total steals).   Enjoy!

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