the BLVD beauty | 3 Products for Longwearing Music Festival Makeup

by Gloria Cavallaro in ,

Music festival season is upon us. That means fringe bags, oversized glasses, temporary tattoos (or permanent ones), and swimsuits as daywear.

What is also means is long days in the sun, close quarters with sticky bodies, and boob sweat. My first question is: how do you make sure your boho-mystic-faerie queen beauty look doesn’t budge from sun-up to inebriated sundown?  The answer: primer, powder, and waterproof errthang.


For stay-put beauty, these three products will keep you Instagram ready all day.


1.    Powder foundation

Yes, we know primer is king, but a longwearing powder foundation is top notch on a sweaty day. The powder absorbs moisture to keep you matte for longer than a liquid formula. When you’re feeling especially “dewy,” pat your face with a rice paper blotter to wick away excess oils and shine.

Stila’s Illuminating Powder Foundation is a dream. Compact, with impressive coverage and SPF 12, it’s a great option for humid days.

2.    Waterproof eye crayon

This multi-purpose product will be your go-to item during the day when you have a tiny bag and only so many things you can stuff into it. A jumbo crayon with some metallic hints will cover all your eye-makeup needs when running around a festival. Subtly line your eyes for an eye-enhancing day look and cover the lid, smudging with your finger, for a smoky nighttime look. Apply some waterproof mascara and you can dance all day and still look like a normal human afterwards.

Makeup Forever’s waterproof eye shadow crayons live up to their name, they stay on forever. If you’re serious about longwearing products that can keep up with your active lifestyle, pick up a few shades to take with you on all your warm weather adventures.

3.    Lip stain

A statement pink lip for spring is lovely but looks overdone in a field (amiright or amiright?). For a pretty kisser without the upkeep of gloss or the precision of liner, go for a stain that delivers a perfectly pink pout.

The Balm’s Stainiac is a cult item for good reason. It stays on through everything, can be layered for a more opaque look, and creates the most natural looking, flushed lip look I’ve seen. It’s the “my lips but better” look every time, all the time.

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