I sourced all my ingredients from shops here in NYC. 

The bread was bought from KinoKuniya Bookstore along the edge of Bryant Park. Up on the top floor of the bookstore there's a small cafe with sandwiches, baked goods, onigiri, and drinks. I know that there are a million other Japanese bakeries around the city that I could go to, but I love coming here on the weekend, browsing the Japanese fashion magazines and trinkets, then heading upstairs for a snack and eating on the grass in Bryant Park. It's the perfect lazy Sunday afternoon. 

The honey was a gift, but you can buy it at Murray's Cheese Shop here in the city. Aside from their location in Greenwich Village(ish area, where they also have a restaurant!), they also have a location inside of Grand Central that's an easy stop on your way home. You can also order any number of honeys, cheese, and other tasty goodies on their site. 

The lavender is from Spice and Tease (har har). You can also find a small shop of their's in the Grand Central market - right across from Murray's! Aside from every spice and tea you can think of, they also carry the most gorgeous Moroccan tea glasses on their website. Which I may just go ahead and purchase now...